School Guidelines

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COVID Guidelines

Daily Programs

ITAV preschool is a two classroom facility for 3 and 4 year olds. We offer several options Monday-Friday, including:

  • 9 am – 12 pm morning session
  • 12pm -3 pm afternoon session
  • 9 am -3 pm full day

Extended hours are also available from 8-9am and 3-4pm for families requiring extra care.

Arrival and Dismissal

As per our schedule, children will start the day with table top activities and socialization. These activities are designed to promote fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Activities may include working with play dough, stringing beads, cutting with scissors, puzzles, and coloring. Children arriving at school for early care will have the opportunity to eat family provided breakfast or free play in the green room.

Snacks We provide the children with a healthy and nutritious morning snack. Our snacks typically include a dairy and fruit and occasionally a grain. 100% fruit juice, milk, or water will also be served. Please ask if you would like a more detailed list of snacks that we provide. All of our snacks are thoughtfully planned and align with our mission to enhance children’s health.

Birthdays and Special Snacks

Bringing in a special snack for your child’s birthday is encouraged. Please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly. If your child would like to share his/her favorite healthy snack with the class, please feel free to notify the teacher to bring it in any time throughout the year.

Lunch Schedule

  • Lunch time will be served at noon for children enrolled in a full day program.
  • All lunches are to be provided by the family with our mission of health and good nutrition as a guideline.
  • Emergency lunches will be available at the school when children have forgotten their own.


We respect the natural rhythm of childhood. Our mornings are challenging both emotionally, socially, and physically, so after lunch it is in our student’s best interest to rest and reflect. With that being said, napping is not required. There is a quiet and comfortable space along with napping mats for the children who need a nap. We ask that you provide the school with a sheet (fitted crib sheets work best) and other items that aid in rest and relaxation. Quiet time will also be provided for those children who are not in need of a nap, in a room separate from our nappers. We ask that a beach towel be provided for these children to rest on. Please see our resting/napping agreement for more details. Sheet and towels will be sent home periodically to be laundered.

Health and Safety

Please submit the medical form and immunization records before the first day of attendance, and yearly. Students will not be allowed to start before these forms are submitted and reviewed.

Updated immunization records should be provided by parents throughout the year if applicable.

Please be courteous to our school family and refrain from sending your child to school if he/she is ill. Try to remember to call/email/text if your child will not be in school.

Please keep your child home from school if he/she

  • has a fever or has had a fever in the last 24 hours.
  • has had episodes of diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours.
  • presents with sore throat, nasal discharge, yellow eyes, swollen joints, difficulty breathing, or skin rashes.

For the safety of others, if your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness, we ask that you provide a doctor’s note upon his/her return to school.

If your child becomes sick during the school day, you or your emergency contact will be notified immediately.

School Calendar

Please note we will be following the Hampton Bays school district calendar and will be following all of their emergency closings as well. A copy of this calendar with holidays will be provided with your parent handouts.

The one exception is Election Day November 8, 2016. Our building is used or polling and for the safety of your children ITAV will be closed.

School Closings and Delays

To be up to date on school closings due to weather or unforeseen occurrences please visit our fb page or website. We follow the Hampton Bays UFSD’s decisions on school closings. If there’s a 2-hour delay, school will start at 11. Morning session will end at 12 pm and the afternoon session will be unaffected. Before care will begin at 10 am and aftercare will be unaffected.

Missed/Make up Days

Make up days for absences are not available. If sessions or full days need to be added temporarily, as long as staff is available to meet state teacher/student ratio, the student may be accommodated. The next month’s bill will reflect the extra care. One day’s notice must be given prior to the date. Student must already be enrolled in ITAV to add an extra session.

Extra session rates: ½ day is $30, full day $60

Supply list

  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • 1 box of Crayola Markers 10 pack
  • Crib sheet or beach towel for rest/nap
  • 1 package of Elmer’s Glue Sticks, jumbo or regular size, 3-4 count
  • 1- 4 oz. bottle of Elmer’s school glue


We plan on learning through PLAY. Please dress your child in appropriate wear. Weather permitting, we will be outside as much as possible, so we ask that you provide appropriate outer wear. On rainy days this includes a raincoat and rain boots. On snowy and/or cold days this includes a heavy waterproof coat, snow pants, snow boots, hat, and gloves. Sneakers (as well as outer wear) that promote independence are best at all other times. Our program encourages the children to get themselves ready for outside time as independently as possible. Please keep this in mind when dressing your child for ITAV.

In addition, each family should provide a spare set of clothing to be kept at the school in case of an accident. These clothes should be clearly labeled and packaged in a large zip lock.

Child pick up/drop off

Transportation to and from school must be provided by parents/guardians.

Only the parents/guardians listed on the registration form and the emergency contacts listed on the child profile agreement will be authorized to pick up with photo ID. Any changes to this agreement will require written permission.

All pick up and drop offs will be through our north entrance by the parking lot. Only parents or guardians originally stated in our child profile form, or emergency contacts will be qualified to pick up any students.


In lieu of field trips, ITAV organizes several meet-ups throughout the year. They usually are scheduled during school breaks and are always included on the monthly calendars that are sent home at the beginning of each month.

Parent/Teacher Correspondence

We encourage parents to be active and present in our school setting. Meetings can be scheduled at any time during the year with your child’s teacher to discuss any questions or concerns. Progress reports will be sent out in January and June.


Written permission must be given to approve application of an over the counter topical such as sunscreen.


Please sign or decline our permission regarding photos of your child.


Tuition and billing will be determined and activated when the enrollment form is signed.

Sessions available are on a first come first serve basis. Classes and sessions may fill up and become unavailable if our teacher/student ratio is already met as per state guidelines.

Tuition can be paid in full or monthly. A $250 discount is given if payment is paid in full.

We offer a 10% sibling discount to be applied to the sibling with the lower tuition payment. This discount is only applied to the base tuition.

If payment is not received by the 15th of the month an additional late fee of $25 may be charged.

Certain unforeseen circumstances may cause you to be late picking up your child, however if frequent tardiness continues, a $15 charge will be added to your bill every day you are late.

A onetime $75 registration fee will be collected at the time of enrollment.

Please see registration form for more details.

Approved Age Waiver for ITAV

Currently ITAV is licensed to accommodate 3 and 4-year-old children. Students may be enrolled if they are 2.9 years of age and staff has had the opportunity to interview both child and parents to ensure a good fit.

Staff and Training

Our staff members are all appropriately qualified for their position. We make sure that every staff member is adequately qualified for their position as per state guidelines, has extensive experience, and is dedicated to the well-being of our children. All staff members are in alliance with our mission. We are always in compliance with the state suggested ratio of child to teacher ratio in every classroom. Each staff member is trained on proper ratios and supervision guidelines. Staff members are mandated to report any suspected child abuse. A report will then be immediately made to the appropriate authorities and action will occur. Any persons suspected of child abuse will not be allowed on property until report is in the state hands and an appropriate decision is made regarding repercussions.

Director/Teacher (ITAV owner): Hilary Rose

Assistant Director/Teacher (ITAV owner): Michelle Kelly

Assistant Director/Assistant Teacher (ITAV owner): Maryann McCormack

We follow all NY state requirements for Center Based Day Care. We work closely with Office of Children and Family Services in order to maintain and meet all updated guidelines. Our NY State license is posted in our front lobby.

A copy of state regulations and definitions is available at the main office.

NYS Office of Children and Family Services can be reached at 518-473-7793 Or